C is for Costumes, Character Assassination

scene from upcoming gossip girl small.jpg

A note on costume selection:

We happen to love watching shows where the on-set stylist clearly cares about everything the characters wear - this is a big reason for the success SATC with fashion fans everywhere, needless to say.

But we also get kind of upset when the stylist steps out of the reality created within the show, and chooses something the character would not be caught dead in if she were really real.

This week on the fashion favorite Gossip Girl, it was the purple halter dress gasped at around the world, as seen on Vanessa who would clearly be far too proud to wear anything so Vegas. On an upcoming episode is Blair's ensemble, above, in which she wears Uggs, which we assume means the entire UES is going to be overtaken by Ice-nine, making Blair want to play a joke on god for her final hurrah.

Even though this landed in our Inbox with the clear sentence "photo taken while filming," we're secretly hoping this is somehow just a shot taken on set where everyone looks like they're acting but they're really just between scenes - because really, we just want a little consistency in our sartorial fiction.

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