Burberry Goes Sky High

burberry sign.jpg

We get the sense that Burberry hasn't exactly been affected by the credit crunch.

Their profits are up 20% so far this year, they just opened up their new west coast flagship in the company of Kate Hudson, their refusal to use models associated to drugs in any way keeps them in the news and in conversation, and now, they're taking over a bit of our sky line.

Next March, Burberry's moving their US headquarters to 444 Madison, a 49-story skyscraper topped off by three illuminated signs from the olden days. Right now, they still say "New York" on them (that's where New York Magazine operated from until they moved further downtown last year), but as soon as Burberry takes over the space, the signs will glow for the brand - and they'll even give us the time and temperature, too.

(Burberry's also throwing around the idea of opening their third New York store location there, but nothing's set in stone.)

And now if only Topshop could get their own issues in order, we might be able to declare a new British Invasion - can't wait.

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