Built by You, for You

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Built by Wendy's designed a clothing line just for you, with shirts, dresses and jackets made exactly to your specifications and measurements. The only catch is, you'll be the one sewing.

Wendy's selling the patterns for all her clothes, so if you know how to sew, this is kind of a jackpot. Of course, the designs are adorable - comfy mini dresses and go-anywhere tops that have the same feel as Wendy's own line.

We don't have to tell you that picking your own fabric, colors, prints/stripes, means totally flattering clothes. Plus, each package includes instructions so you can change up designs with Peter Pan collars, rows of buttons, or whatever you want to make your perfect piece.

At $14.99, even with the fabric you'll have to buy, this is about the same cost as any rayon number you'll pick up at H&M, not to mention you'll be able to reuse and remake it as many times as you want. Economic and cute - we like it.


P.S. if you don't know how to sew, or you need a refresher - Wendy also sells a basic sewing how-to book called Sew-U.

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