Birks: Yay or Nay?


Many of you may have gathered at this point (from some of my references), that I am a little hippie girl wrapped up in a fashion bow. I spent my teenage summers in Grateful Dead parking lots and twirling at the shows to a little Scarlet Fire or Franklin's Tower. Birkenstocks were, of course, a staple.

I haven't worn them in a very long time, opting for Havaianas or ballet flats when I'm not in heels.

The thing is I have some serious foot problems. As in, I get stress fractures on a regular basis. Seriously, I was once on crutches three times in twelve months. Other than the fact that I decked them out in vintage scarves, the situation was not cute.

I'm in need of flat summer shoes that offer me some actual arch support. It's the flats that kill me more than my heels, probably because I walk around the city in them for hours.

Re-enter the Birks. They're created to give proper support to the heel and the arch. And I think this patent pair looks kinda jazzy, for a Birkenstock. Of course, I know any pair, especially the originals, will work with my hippie garb. But can I wear these on a regular basis without looking too Summer of Love? Do you guys know of other cute warm weather pairs that are also foot-friendly?

I can't do crutches or the boot again. I just can't.

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