Betsey's World Still Goin' Round

Betsey Johnson Fall 09 14.jpg

With the generally serious feel at most of the shows so far this week, the Betsey Johnson presentation this afternoon was a little like traveling back in time. Not because Betsey's signatures were all there - leopard and rose prints, lacy things, poufy skirts and more hot pink than a Pepto factory - but because the venue exuded fun when all anyone wanted to do was get the hell out of there and over to Chris Benz in time for dinner reservations.

But Betsey's playpen beckoned with Twizzlers, two cute girls working a Presecco counter, and boys wielding trays of sliders and mini hot dogs (you had to push your way to the outer walls if you actually wanted to see the clothes).

Nothing summed up how the over-the-top vibe felt quite like the cooking demonstration video playing on a flat screen in the back. The footage was of Betsey herself in a comical kitchen, prepping a whole chicken using a shaker of pink glitter, then tossing the bird across the room... because she'd covered it in glitter instead of salt.

We think that pretty much captures it.

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