Baron and Templer Drop Interview

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Late yesterday, WWD reported a major shake-up at Interview:

Editorial director Fabien Baron and creative director Karl Templer (considered one of the best stylists in fashion, especially because of his work at Calvin Klein with Fabien and designer Francisco Costa) have left the magazine simultaneously.

The departure comes as a major shock after all the hoopla of Fabien restoring the Andy Warhol-founded magazine to its former glory via better interviews, a fresh art direction, and more fashion than ever before. We all remember the major Kate Moss September issue of last year post re-launch, which landed Interview on Time's list of best magazine covers of 2008.

The official reason? Fabien says he now wants to concentrate on his other business, creative agency Baron & Baron, and Karl also cited "other projects" as his reason for quitting the publication after such a short amount of time.

The good news? The departure couldn't have been too big of a surprise, since WWD's already reporting that creative direction will be picked up by M/M Paris, the French creative duo responsible for art direction at Jil Sander, Yohji Yamamoto, Purple, and a music video for Bjork, among many other things.

But what would make two of the biggest names at a magazine everybody really wanted to be as good as they imagined it could be walk away about a year into the job? Stay tuned...

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