Banana Republic + New Museum = Art Basel Miami + Totes

ugo rondinone.jpg

Banana Republic's sponsoring NADA's (NADA is the New Art Dealers Alliance) Art Fair 2008 Preview Benefit for the New Museum this year at Art Basel Miami. So, Banana Republic's contribution (other than funding the whole thing)? Totes, of course!

BR and the New Museum chose six artists out of eighty-five to have their work splashed on the front of cotton totes to be sold at Art Basel Miami and at the New Museum store (though only three will make it to the New Museum gift shop), with 100% of the proceeds benefiting NADA and the New Museum.

The six artists whose work and signatures will be featured on the future grocery bags are Chris Caccamise from Eleven Rivington in New York, Kon Trubkovich from Museum 52 in London/New York, Slawek Pawszak from Czarna Gallery in Poland, Olivier Babin from Frank Elbaz Gallery in Paris, Shinro Ohtake from Take Ninagawa in Tokyo and William O'Brien from Shane Campbell Gallery in Chicago.

But the best part? They've made a special tote produced with the "Hell Yes!" catchphrase on the front of the New Museum, by artist Ugo Rondinone. We're sure that one will have a special place in the heart of anyone who's ever looked down to Bowery from the west, and giggled.

(Check out Caccamise's and Babin's tote designs, after the jump!)

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