Bags of Balmania

anja rubik balmain emmanuelle alt aw09.jpg

Balmain, which WWD describes as "a hot ready-to-wear brand" is showing buyers and editors a very tight selection of bags during their pre-collection previews.

Christophe Decarnin's clothes are in fact pretty damn hot, though the designer suffered a few critical stings last season when his AW09 clothes looked just like the SS09 clothes everyone else had already ripped off, or sorry, taken inspiration from. So now, while the world waits to make sure he can in fact do something new, they'll also anticipate a handbag or two.

It's hard not to picture exactly what they look like especially when WWD backs up our imagination with the words, "leather," "crystals or studs," and "a fringed, rock ’n’ roll number with silver hardware."

Maybe they'll even come with built in shoulder pads!

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