Backstage At Viv's Gold Show


Fashion's full of tough choices. Since we already saw Vivienne Westwood's Red Label show in London, we thought we'd swing by backstage for her Gold Label show before heading to Yojhi Yamamoto.

First, the hair. Bumble and Bumble's Rolando Beauchamp is the nicest person we've ever met - and his devotion to Vivienne might only be matched by ours.

"It's all about hot desert days," he told me. "This girl, she's been out in the desert, hasn't showered or washed her hair. The products are giving me that dry dirty texture before I pull the front off of the face and wrap it all in tulle. It's different colored tulle which I'm using as though it's just more hair."

Meanwhile, the models tried on their clothes. Or rather, they stood still while three people at a time dressed them, (which doesn't bode well for our plans to one day where Vivienne Westwood everyday) and six hands put on their shoes. Then Vivienne tweaked, someone took Polaroids, and the girls went into make up.

We couldn't steal the shoes for you, security was insane, but we can tell you how to get that amazing black lip - on TeenVogue!

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