Back to the Limited?

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Bendon, the New Zealand-based lingerie company, is coming to America. Except, they're coming via The Limited, which we're all familiar with via trips to Limited Too in fifth grade. And apparently, when we buy lingerie from Elle MacPherson's Intimates (a personal favorite) and Stella McCartney (a browsing favorite), we're really buying Bendon re-packaged and repriced via licensing deals.

There are two interesting points to be taken from these facts.

1. That The Limited's version of Bendon will retail between $35 and $38 for bras, and $14 to $16 for underwear - less than half the price of Elle's versions, and nowhere near the price stratosphere of Stella's - meaning, The Limited might pose some stiff competition in the lingerie department very soon, and this may or may not pose a problem for the very overpriced Victoria's Secret, who's parent company is The Limited.

2. That The Limited has been around since forever, and just now they've decided to put out their own lingerie, right when Brian Reyes has decided to do the same, and right when Marc's decided to put out his first full swimwear line under Marc by Marc. All new ventures in a decidedly shaky market / economy, all new ventures including itty bitty non-clothes.

Coincidence? Or has everyone decided that true shoppers will find a way to drop at least $50 every couple weeks and have just figured out the best way to truly service the price point?

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