Au Revoir, Lacroix?


This picture comes straight from Elle Creative Director Joe Zee's Twitter at the Christian Lacroix couture show in Paris. And we have to agree with his tweet, "How can a man who designs THIS stop designing? Again, fashion injustice!"

That is one heck of a beautiful creation. Here's what else Joe had to say (er Tweet?) about the rest of the collection before heading to Givenchy in a sudden rainstorm.

"The mood may have been somber and the clothes black but it was still pure French sophistication at Lacroix. Magnifique ca!"

"Even the shoes were quiet and restrained at Lacroix where he reinterpreted the classic Belle de Jour pump with the square buckle."

"You can't help but shed a tear for Mr. Lacroix as he receives a standing ovation for what could be his last s ..."

There may be some investors interested in saving the company, but it's not looking good.

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