At Phillip Lim: Please Watch the Clothes

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Phillip Lim showed to an under-packed tent this afternoon (quite a change from last season), which consisted of some great coats, a particularly precious flapper-inspired dress, and too many pairs of maroon tights (which oddly felt right) to count. While the collection didn't feel cohesive, it was at least pleasing to the eye, and you could absolutely see what will end up on Net-a-Porter, and what won't.

Unfortunately, we can't remember too much else about the show (ok, we will mention that there was a live band and two of the models needed to take their Louboutins off mid-runway) because of Kanye.

Mr. West continued his Fashion Week whirlwind today, but this time, it actually hurt. Instead of entering through the door like a normal person, he entered from backstage onto the runway. Fine, many people do this. But we're pretty sure they don't enter, avec entourage, while the lights are dimming (single file) so that everyone and their Blackberry can make a mental note, "Oh, Kanye's here, and so are all his friends."

At first we thought, "Ok, maybe he just wanted to avoid having his photo taken, or maybe he was just so busy checking out the collection that he lost track of time." But then he sat there through the whole show, not with this eyes absolutely glued to the runway as one might assume is the only polite thing to do having stolen the thunder of the very designer you're there to see, but snapping his fingers to the music, and alternating between staring into space, talking with the man next to him, and looking at the clothes only when the model was finally smack in front of his face.

We hope Phillip includes some Emily Post-sanctioned advice in his Thank You.

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