Ashley Olsen's Bold Faced Lie

We're not sure of the nutritional fashion value of posting this clip, but we know you saw it, and we feel compelled to point something out.

Amidst the Lauren Hutton news, Influence hype and semi-awkward self-interviews, Oprah found time to ask the Olsen's about their breakfast habits.

Three minutes and thirty seconds in, Ashley Olsen says she loves Murray's bagels, scooped out, double toasted and smothered in light cream cheese.

Well, Ashley, the first time we ever saw you, before we worked in the same industry and kind of saw you everywhere, was at the Murray's on 6th Ave. So we know you really go there, but we also know that you didn't order any bagels, just the biggest coffee we've ever seen.

If you had ordered a bagel, you would know that Murray's doesn't toast. Ever. Like, no matter how much you beg, even if you are an Olsen, (which no one seemed to realize but us). It's like Murray's entire backwards bagel philosophy. So they definitely don't double toast.

It's cool. We still love you. Just thought we'd let you know so that next time someone asks you what you eat for breakfast, your answer will be flawless.

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