Are You Buying Uggs? Because…

the ugg boot.jpg

According to WWD, the Ugg boot may be saving the holidays.

Apparently, "everybody" is still looking for them, and some stores are even reporting higher sales of the shoe marshmallow as compared to this time last year.

But my first thought was, "Really? Because I never see them." Actually, that's not true. I saw a pair yesterday, ending an outfit which consisted of a ripped denim miniskirt and layered tanks from Abercrombie, at the Key West airport.

So my question: Is this a regional thing? Because even though I still see Uggs in the city sometimes, they're usually beat-up, stained, and relegated to Whole Foods shopping in the snow.

So please, if you've purchased a new pair of Uggs this year, tell us about it. Because we're doing a highly scientific study here, in which we try to figure out where these purchases are coming from.

Answers in the comments section, if you're curious, too.

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