Anna & Andy?!

anna takes a moment to reflect.jpg

Anna Wintour's having a bit of a love affair with the cameras lately.

The September Issue's just debuted and according to Gawker, Vogue's Editor-in-Chief is already being followed by another set of cameras, this time from 60 Minutes.

Apparently, they've been working on the profile since December and already attended one "glitzy fashion event."

It sounds like Anna's looking for a way to reach beyond Vogue's targeted readers, like those who can buy Valli mid-recession, to grab the attention of the masses and their accompanying ad dollars - or at least what's left of them.

The only question greater than why Anna's suddenly embraced camera-life (don't forget Model.Live, too) is which lucky journalist gets to interview her. We know Andy Rooney usually does his own thing but we think they'd make a wonderful pair (though we're betting Leslie Stahl).

Maybe they can talk about this.

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