An Upswing in the Bad Economy?

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WWD has been documenting the downfall of our economy, and all the fashion roadkill that's gone with it. Today's reported victim? Cashmere.

According to their research, knitwear manufacturers are producing much less cashmere for Spring because it's probably too expensive for most people right now. They say companies are trying to put out more wallet-friendly cotton blends, and Qi Cashmere has even dropped the "Cashmere" from their brand name.

So here's something we just realized: If people start buying less cashmere (though we admit, we love it), and more cotton-based clothes, that probably means a whole lot less dry cleaning, which means a cleaner environment (perc, the solvent typically used by dry cleaners, is considered a hazardous air contaminant by the EPA), not to mention one fewer monthly bill.

And it doesn't stop there - If people still want to shop but want to keep the per-instance footprint on their checking account as small as possible, they'll probably avoid expensive furs and leathers (so we guess PETA members can sleep a little sounder), too.

And who knows, maybe this will turn into more farmers planting cotton to get in on the trend, which would only make its price drop further for everyone.

But back to this economy-environment relationship - could what happens to us financially impact what we do to our environment? Guess we'll find out - Unless of course, we get a Zoot Suit effect, in which case, prepare to see certain ladies strolling Madison in full-length mink capes.

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