An Open Letter to Intermix

balmain ripped off by marley .jpg

Dear Intermix,

We love you. We spent almost an hour in your store yesterday trying to find the perfect dress to wear to a very important wedding and we've narrowed it down to three. So don't worry, we'll be back.

But we do have a merchandising question. When one rack looks like this: black Balmain jacket, Balmain jeans, ripped-off Balmain jacket by a brand called Marley and the next rack looks like this: white Balmain jacket, leather Balmain pants and white ripped-off Balmain jacket again by Marley, what exactly are you going for?

Because as a customer (probably your target customer, less the desired clothing budget), we're torn. It'd be hard to drop $5,000 on a jacket when you see something for $400 a mere foot away. But on the other hand, no one wants to buy the $400 version because the quality looks on par with Forever 21 when it's sitting next to actual Balmain.

Do tell. Did we miss a retail secret along the way?


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