Amber Valletta To Make Clothes

amber valletta vogue italia couture.jpg

You can add supermodel Amber Valetta to the list of models/designers.

Tucked into today's WWD story on the Loomstate for Target pre-party in Los Angeles last night is this:

"As much as I love fashion and as much as it has supported me, I see how extreme and extravagant it is,” said Valletta, who is collaborating on a women's clothing collection to be announced this summer.

The token statement in which said supermodel honors her place in fashion while preparing the retail stage for her affordable line which probably pays more than some tribute to the high fashion in her own closet.

Anyway, who might she collaborate with? Her Vogue Italia couture supplement's part of our office wall paper so we're having trouble envisioning her in Target or H&M - guesses?

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