Alison + Ashley: Part 2, My, What Realistic Paws You Have

the bobcat pull.jpg

At the Lewis and Ashley Jeanne presentation at Bobo tonight, we ran into Paper's Quinn Asteak. At some point, we looked up and noticed there was a stuffed cat wearing a pink tutu and a mess of knotted pearls like it was Audrey Hepburn, hanging from the ceiling. The conversation went like this:

Natalie: Why is there a cat hanging from the ceiling? (Snaps a picture)

Quinn: I don't know, weird.

Natalie: You know, it almost looks... real. I mean, they even gave it little paw pads.

Quinn: Eh, I doubt it.

Natalie: Touch it! [Quinn touches it]

Quinn: Hmm... [Natalie pets the cat]

Natalie: Oh my god, that almost does feel real -

[Natalie moves the cat slightly so that the cat's face is in view for the first time]

Natalie: OH MY GOD. [The cat has glass eyes, and whiskers and teeth that are far too detailed for a toy]

Quinn: What? This can't be real!

Britt: You probably shouldn't have touched it. [More pics]

After some investigating, we finally found someone with answers. The bartender, who works at Bobo besides just tonight, informs us that not only is the cat real (his tutu and pearls had nothing to do with Fashion Week - they're the animal's every day attire at the restaurant), but that it's a bobcat. A real, live (ok, dead) bobcat.


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