Alex Knows What Boys Want

what alex wangs menswear will look like.jpg

Alexander Wang's jumping on the menswear bandwagon.

StyleFile reports the downtown darling's working on his first full blown men's collection to debut in Fall of 09 and he thinks, "It’s strange that so many designers are doing men’s now...for us it’s a component that’s always been there."

The component being that his women's clothes are already pretty tomboyish - a kind of reverse Dior Homme - and that the boyfriends of the girls who wear his clothes need their own slouchy tanks, ripped denim shorts and tight leather pants. Actually, whether those boys have girlfriends is highly debatable.

Anyway, Wang's already rocking the samples while out and about in the city so if you're desperate for a sneak peek, well, we can't tell you where to find him but we can almost guarantee he'll take next month's bow in the line and then we can discuss just how much the official collection will vary from his usual baggy t-shirt and skinny jean uniform.

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