After the Show it's the “After the Party”

jeremy kost after the party pics.jpg

Fashionista's favorite party photographer, Jeremy Kost, took a break from snapping the actual partying scene for a minute to capture his boys-only exhibit entitled "After the Party". Showing off the faces (and the abs) of some of the modeling world's best known boys, his exhibit is a collection of 180 Polaroids that pair the man candy with a variety of props ranging from stuffed Elmos to blow-up monkeys.

If you want to check out the faces of Parker Gregory, Ryan Kennedy, and Reid Prebenda (just to name a few of Kost's top choices) we'd suggest you head over to the Dactyl Foundation on 64 Grand Street, if you have some free time between 12 - 6pm, Tuesday - Saturday, from now until March 21st.

After all, even if Reid is in'sTop 50, they just don't show him in his underwear. You definitely got 'em there, Jeremy.


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