AE and A+F: Under Pressure

kate moss covered eyes in topshop window.jpg

It's hard to believe that the term "fast fashion" wasn't even in our vocabulary just a few years ago. Stores like H&M, Zara and now Topshop - which operate on a business model based on getting new shipments in stores and in front of our grabbing hands more often than Little J changes her lipstick - have totally changed the way most people (young people) shop, making retailers like Gap and J.Crew seem boring because they only get the regular number of shipments in per year.

According to the AP, at least two brands - American Eagle and Abercrombie + Fitch, are planning on getting more clothes in at a much faster rate starting this month: AE plans on getting new shipments every two weeks, and A+F plans on shorter lead times, too.

So is more clothes at a faster rate the key to the return-shopper's heart? We think it has more to do with what you're buying and where - After all, how many versions of the ribbed gray tank top does A+F think a girl really needs?

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