Adventures in Copyright: Zippity No

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A reader just sent us the link to this Steve Madden bag and our stomach kind of dropped.

We expect him to copy the Fendis, Givenchys and Christian Louboutins, but as always, it's so much more painful to watch a small, independent designer get ripped off.

Alexander Wang launched bags less than two years ago, just a few styles, all slouchy, all zippered, all made from incredibly soft leather and all at relatively reasonable prices (around $700). Steve Madden's sold bags forever, all plastic and all shiny and not always rip-offs - the handbag 'designers' obviously lack the shoe 'designers' budget (because they do go out and buy loads of Chloe and Chanel and Louboutin shoes, rip them up and rebuild them to make the copies spot on).

But someone in that department loved Alex's Brenda Zip bag so much, they went and made their own and called it the B-Zipcross. Then they threw in a copy of Alex's model-loved Donna Hobo just for good measure.

Sometimes, Steve really pisses us off.

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