Adventures in Copyright: Two Boxes, Not Alike in Dignity

when kate met bottega.jpg

If I could build a "Forever Wardrobe" like Plum Sykes does in this month's Vogue, it'd be topped off with one of Bottega Veneta's woven clutches.

I lean toward a clutch anyway - an oversized patent sack-like one for Fashion Week, a vintage velvet pouch for dinner, a woven straw rectangle for the beach - and there's something perfectly classic, totally feminine about Bottega's little box.

Whether this plastic-looking Kate Spade imitation makes me so mad because it looks like it's woven from something slightly more durable than Easter grass or because despite it's plastic-y sheen it dares to cost over $300, or because its design is so explicitly ripped from Bottega Veneta's thirty year-old design, I'm not quite sure.

Either way, Kate's far too smart and far too creative to be ripping off someone else's classic.

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