Adventures in Copyright: “This is an Alaia!” “An a-What-A?”

bakers really loved carine roitfelds alaia shoes.jpg

Everyone always coos over everything Carine struts in on the Tuileries each season, and these amazing lattice/gladiator/bootie/sandals by none other than Alaia were no exception. It's the perfect combination of boot and sandal, and the suede makes them totally wearable in winter (with tights of course).

Unfortunately, these ideal shoes are out of the price range for most - think around $1,500 - so when we spotted them on Baker's on sale for $50, we were kind of excited. But then we realized:

1) They aren't even real suede, so the shoddy quality won't give them lasting power.

2) They lack the signature tan Alaia sole- more subtle than the notorious Louboutin red sole, but still a crucial element.

3) They won't come in the amazing industrial-strength Alaia box that almost serves as a shoe shrine instead of simple casing.

4) You can pretend, but you won't be able to have an actual Clueless Alaia moment.

We kind of wish we didn't know the Baker's version was a knock-off because they amazingly maintain the sexy vibe of the original, but really, it's all thanks to like a totally important designer, so no.


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