Adventures in Copyright: Stolen Sherbet

single is not dior.jpg

Reader Jen found this familiar looking pink and orange dress by a brand called Single on the Cusp website. (In case you don't live in one of the few cities with a Cusp it's basically Neiman Marcus' answer to Barneys Co-op.)

Anyway, since she was so obsessed with the Christian Dior resort original that Eva Mendes wore to the house's Spring 08 couture show, she placed it immediately.

And since that picture ran everywhere for months, because Eva looked drop dead amazing, it'd be kind of hard for anyone remotely into either fashion or Eva not to realize that it's a total rip of Galliano's fitted-on-top, poufy-on-the bottom sherbet creation.

Yes, you'd have a hard time finding the original Dior a year later, but that doesn't mean you should spend $300 on the copy.

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