Adventures in Copyright: So Meshed Up


When large companies rip-off small designer’s work, we get irritated.

There's something tragic about watered down design - like watered down beer - ew.

Post-Chris Kane, someone sent us another disturbing Topshop rip-off. That Alexander Wang dress? The black stretch mesh sheath with thick, detailed embroidery? Topshop's taken it upon themselves to bring the exact same thing, not an interpretation, to the masses.

Wang’s expertly coiled embroidery, extra-long sleeves, fun thumb-loop, and back zipper have been replaced with a far less innovative diamond-patterned embroidery, short sleeves and a plain sheer back.

Just this weekend we dubbed it the new "dress that won't die." It's been everywhere - Kanye's girlfriend wore it in Paris, Missy Rader wore it in Wang's lookbook, in editorials featuring everyone from Eniko Mihalik to Liu Wenn - which means that everyone on Topshop's design staff is ultra-aware of it.

The Wang original is for sale at Opening Ceremony for $955, while the Topshop version is going for $90.

The thing is, no one has to buy the $1000 version. Most people can't. But instead of buying a copycat, why not admire the original and honor the designer's work by not encouraging mass reproductions and rip-offs?


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