Adventures in Copyright: Sandal Snatcher

urban rips off hayden harnett.jpg

Hayden-Harnett made a Camille clutch for spring.

Its shoe counterpart is the sandal on the far left, the shoes that Natalie's revolved her weekend around and probably one of the most unique sandals we've seen in a long time. The orange and blue and grey leather links top a gray suede platform - there are even little studs in the back, because if you're going to commend Toni Hacker on one thing, it'll be for her attention to detail.

Anyway, Urban Outfitters has a Camilla shoe. It's on the right and has orange and white and brown leather fabric atop a faux wood wedge fastened with elastic and sells for $128.

The colors might not be as pretty but they've got the idea - someone else's idea - down pat.

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