Adventures in Copyright: Puff Downy

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Scoring a Colette collaboration is kind of like scoring retail cred gold. So when we came across their love child with Limoland, we could only think, isn't that Penfield?

Penfield, at left, has a pretty good stake in the streetwear market and received a lot of attention after Kanye started wearing their goods. So when we saw this coming from Colette, the store that's supposed to be the hipper than hip go-to place for anything hip, we were, to say the least, a little disappointed.

Shouldn't Colette have realized they're knocking off a best-seller of another brand? And since it's coming from Colette you know it won't be any cheaper...

Needless to say, we recommend the Penfield (if you're into this look, that is). The colors are less in-your-face (not to mention less juvenile) but still fun, and Penfield prides itself on making traditional high-end performance gear, so you know you'll be warm if you really do take it skiing. Plus, we're kind of over the whole neon thing.


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