Adventures in Copyright: Mmm BOP

stylebop and shopbop are kind of the same.jpg

When we got an announcement that Stylebop's now shipping from its New York distribution center in New York, we thought, "Style? Don't you mean Shop?"

Click, then we realized it didn't take us to Shopbop, home of Marc by Marc and Ella Moss, but to its shopping doppelgänger, Stylebop, home of Marc by Marc and Ella Moss.

To be fair, there are some differences - Stylebop has fewer labels and they veer more on the expensive, grown-up side. And, unlike Shopbop, Stylebop doesn't use models, so they avoid the awkward poses and stares of Shopbop's girls. Plus, Stylebop's roster includes designers like Valentino and Balmain, way too up-market of labels even for Shopbop Boutique.

So could these two Bops really be a coincidence? Or is Stylebop trying to scoop up the girls who've outgrown Shopbop's selection of Juicy?

Either way, all these bops are making us dizzy.


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