Adventures in Copyright: Laced Up To Here

ann d free people sandals.jpg

Ann Demeulemeester's lace-up sandal booties are the shoe of the summer.

During the resort shows, we spotted three different Vogue editors in the brown and others in black, Sea of Shoes is obsessed and given our neighborhood we see an inordinate amount of models on a daily basis and wearing only these of late.

But we never really expected it to translate to the masses, it's a Fashion with a capital "F" shoe which isn't snobby, just fact - like a Balmain shoulder or a Chris Kane gorilla dress - that probably won't reign in big bucks on Broadway.

Though Urban Outfitters' Free People is taking a chance anyway. A reader sent in this link to their $198 copy. Pretty ballsy considering the Ann D's were on sale for just over $300 a few weeks ago.

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