Adventures in Copyright: Kerr to Explain?

miranda kerrs lingerie ads.jpg

I'm 99% sure that's Miranda Kerr on the left.

But I'm only half way through my coffee and three hours deep into a move from Brooklyn into Manhattan and I could be wrong. So we'll start with a yes.

Is she even allowed to model other lingerie? For a department store? Even if she's best friends with Elle MacPherson and actually only wears her bras in real life because they're a million times better than Victoria's Secret? VS has pretty iron clad contracts for their girls. Want to walk Givenchy? Fine. Want to model in another catalog? Absolutely not.

And if it's not her, way to go Bloomingdale's for finding the only other human being in the world who looks like that.

Meanwhile this looks just like Cat McNeil, but it's not, is it? The url even reads, "PseudoCat." I might need another cup of coffee.

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