Adventures in Copyright: Buckle Down

jeffrey campbell does marcs boots.jpg

The worst rip-offs are the ones that hit particularly close to home.

Take, for example, these buckled Marc by Marc Jacobs boots. Our good friend developed a not-harmless crush on them after she watched Tanya D and Abbey Lee storm the Fall 08 runway.

But then they cost almost $1000 until she stumbled upon what the Barney's salesperson told her was the "last pair in the universe" for one third of the original price just a week before Christmas. Of course, the rest is history.

Or was, until she discovered this Jeffrey Campbell copy at Oak. Campbell's straps are a bit thinner, the toe is pointier and the heel's not as chunky, but they're the same and barely $50 less than she paid for Marc's.

Of course, she also has the thrill of waiting, lusting, craving and finally getting the original - it's like ice cream and frozen yogurt, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, the real thing is always better.

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