Adventures in Copyright: A Tribute?


The YSL Tribute sandals are a pair of shoes we have long longed to have in our closets.

The Tribs have been reincarnated several times by YSL--a pump, a sandal, a slingback, an ankle boot. The good folks over at Pollini obviously decided that they, too, should take a stab at reinterpreting the shoe.

The weaving of the leather straps on the toe of the sandal, the platform, and the ankle strap of this version available on Shirise for $760 have been almost exactly replicated.

The Pollini shoe was originally $515 at Shopbop, but is now on sale for $360.50. Perhaps they realized people would rather shell out another $200 for the real deal instead of a copy. Because adding some wood does not a new shoe make.


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