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Upon searching for the Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton documentary on Netflix (one of the main reasons I got a subscription), I came across some other fashion fun.

It turns out Netflix really does have everything. Aside from Prêt-à- Porter, Lagerfeld Confidential, and Richard Avedon : Darkness and Light, they also have some more literal fashion DVDs available, too.

Type in "fashion"
and you'll get a series by Fashion TV split up by type of clothes (haute couture, RTW, menswear, leatherwear, etc), city and season (though right now, they seem to only have 2004 and 2005), so you can reminisce about collections past from your couch.

These probably shouldn't be moved up to the top of your queue, but they may make for a nice visual to fall asleep to. Dreaming of tulle, male models, and Paris never hurt - it's kind of like Fashion Trance, which yes, we're still mourning.


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