ABS Copies Jason Wu & We Discuss

abs rips off the inauguration dress.jpg

Natalie: I can't believe all this news about ABS knocking off the Jason Wu dress. I mean who would wear that knock-off? It's so recognizable anyone on the planet would be like, "Dude, you're wearing Michelle Obama's dress."

Britt: But that's what they do. All they do is knock off famous dresses.

Natalie: But I feel like it's different this time. Everyone knows this dress.

Britt: But everyone knew Gwyneth's pink Ralph Oscar dress.

Natalie: But this is different! You don't have to follow fashion to know this dress.

Britt: I promise you people will buy it. It will sell out in minutes.

Natalie: God, I would love to meet these people, I have so many questions for them.

Britt: No you wouldn't.

Natalie: It would be so embarrassing! I would never be able to get it out of my head, "I'm wearing a wannabe First Lady ballgown."

Britt: Well if you see anybody in it, you should tell them they could've bought it at Jessica McClintock five years ago.

Natalie: It's not even pretty.

Britt: I know, I know.

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