A Sign in the Times

nytimes sale bottega veneta small.jpg

Did anyone else notice the curious ads in this Sunday's Styles Section of the Times?

It starts on page 10: "Jimmy Choo SALE" in a plain white block. Below that: "John Varvatos SALE."

Page 11: "Bottega Veneta SALE." [Editor's Note: Bottega Veneta has sales?!]

Page 12: "Mulberry HOLIDAY SALE, 50% off Select Merchandise."

And that was when we knew this whole sale thing's officially jumped down the rabbit hole.

Now go to it (if you can). Because you know being able to say you bought a Knot bag on discount is like being able to say you did a Hail Mary play in the last minute of your High School state football game, and came out a winner.

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