A Real-Life Fashion Crime


While perusing the Salt Lake Tribune (don't ask) we happened to come across a news item that really tickles.

Apparently, a woman was apprehended by the Utah Transit Authority at 7:30 am after numerous complaints from fellow riders about her lack of pants. After being booted from the train, the woman quickly explained that, in fact, she wasn't pantsless at all but wearing a micro miniskirt that was covered by her blazer, only giving the impression that she was pantsless.

Given this happened in Salt Lake - we can't imagine the chaos that would ensue if NYC Transit Authorities decided to crack down on inappropriately dressed subway-goers - we still wonder: Is there a level of decency which should be upheld, enforced even, in public dress? Sure, no one really wants to see the woman-next-to-you's upper-thigh to crotchal region, but can we really stop her from wearing her booty shorts, and if so, should we?


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