A Dose of Isaac Optimism

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After months of up-to-the-minute reports of the latest economy-induced fashion catastrophes, we all need a good dose of Isaac Mizrahi.

WWD takes an in-depth look at his Liz Claiborne kick-off - his first collection for the brand lands in department stores next month - and he couldn't sound more optimistic. Behind the beloved, bubbly personality lies a brilliant businessman who's revolutionized fashion and whom we can thank for the Proenza, Luella, Erin Fetherston (for Target) hanging in our closet.

He's prepared to do for Liz and her customer what he did for Target, "I’m trying to shift the paradigm once again...There’s this whole other cultural thing that’s taking place before our eyes, and it’s only accelerated because of the terrible economic thing we’re going through. It’s like, I believe firmly in the middle now.”

Will it work? We'd guess yes. A preview of his Spring collection accompanies the story and we'd wear every single piece, with the exception of a dress or two and the shoes. Styled differently, sure, but we'd wear it, our moms would wear it, our grandmas might even wear it and we're pretty sure that's what Liz Claiborne's all about it.

Meanwhile, tucked into the article is this juicy quote from Karl Lagerfeld on Isaac Mizrahi: "Oh, he’s just too good at promoting himself."

Pot, meet kettle.

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