First Look: Inside Park at St. Bart's (and a Menu!)

Photo: Melissa Hom

Former Savoy chef Matt Weingarten's 2,000-square-foot kitchen at just-renovated Inside Park at St. Bart's will be ready for its first dinner service tomorrow night (see our slideshow, below). His menu is about the food he loves to eat (ingredients with a sense of place, like Chioggia beets and Montauk Swordfish), Middle European cooking, and whimsy, says the chef. Weingarten has had fun with Sage and Hooligan Taxis — a riff on mozzarella in carozza, or carriages — they're made with "Hooligan cheese from Cato Corner Farm between two slices of brioche with a little bit of sage and a slick of apricot," he says. Meat platters like Bits, Jumbles, and Jelly (his version of head cheese) come from the in-house larder; there's space to break down two or three pigs a week.

Menu: Inside Park at St. Bart's

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