First Bronx Smart Car Sighting Has Troublesome Asterisk

The newish Bronx blog BoogieDowner is like the one-blog Bronx gentrification machine. We've already saluted their efforts, and this past weekend even the Times got on board, reporting on the blog's desire to turn the Bronx into Brooklyn. So it's easy to see why the BoogieDowner folks would be hungry for a Bronx SmartCar sighting, even if the "yuppiemobile" symbolism has yet to be proven as fact. Still, symbols are powerful agents of change, and since the above photo could technically be considered to have been taken in Manhattan, BoogieDowner is on the attack:

We know that this one will be a bit controversial since Marble Hill is technically and legally in Manhattan because of the re-routing of the river back in the day, so their will be lots of commenters disputing the Bronx sighting... But Marble Hill has a 718 area code, as well as a Bronx fire house and a Bronx police precinct serving the hood. For all intents and purposes, the Bronx has had its first Smart Car sighting in the parking lot of Target at 225th Street. The BoogieDowner likey...

An interesting controversy, if only for the far-reaching retail implications. If Marble Hill is included in Manhattan, than East Harlem's East River Plaza megaamall is no longer supplying the borough's first bullseye, thereby drastically reducing its benefits to society. Drama!
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