First Look: Betsey Johnson for Opening Ceremony

"It's so primitive and pure and totally me," says iconic designer and ebullient eccentric, Betsey Johnson, of her new collaboration with NYC boutique Opening Ceremony

After three decades of cartwheeling in the face of all things conventional, we'd be hard pressed to boil down Betsey Johnson's label into a single category. Which is why her newest venture, a capsule collection with the progressive shop-collective-studio hybrid, Opening Ceremony seems to fit so naturally.  Crediting her VP of Merchandising for stripping the designer's collection and reviving the vintage greats, Johnson has really gone back to the beginning -- the original Betsey -- with stretchy, dancewear-inspired duds in timeless, tough-girl prints from cherries to snakeskin. We'll admit we were a little sad not to see any cherry prints or tutus, but maybe that's for the best.

Johnson apparently had two shapes in mind for the collection, according to her recent interview with Dazed Digital: "ballerina and ball-buster."  And with that, we're convinced the lady really does know what womankind really wants. 

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