John Stamos Looking for “Full House” Reunion?


Just when you thought that all the world's great ideas had already been thought of, something like this happens: Perpetual hunk John Stamos is reportedly in talks to reunite "at least some of the cast" of beloved terrible nineties show Full House for a "semi-remake."

According to erstwhile D.J. Tanner player Candace Cameron Bure, "It would involve me and Jodie ["Stephanie Tanner"] Sweetin. We would revive our characters, but today as young women." Presumably Full House Redux would star everybody from the original show minus the Olsen twins, who are now too famous, and Lori Laughlin, who's currently tied up in another TV reboot. We just hope the Beach Boys drop by again too.

Stamos Plans Full House Remake [SFGate via Buzzfeed]

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