Finally, a Hawaiian in the White House: Of all the local stores who…

Of all the local stores who blogged about last night's win, Aloha Rag might be our favorite. The minimalist high-end Hawaiian boutique, which has an outpost on Hudson Square, has this to say on its blog: "There is a spirit that pours from the people raised in Hawaii which is recognized by everyone who has graced its shores. The Aloha Spirit fills the inhabitants of the Islands and creates a way of life, a way of communicating; and now it is about to fill the White House. Barack Obama, a son of Hawaii, has created history...I am so proud to have someone who has been raised in the same waters as myself and many of the people I work with leading us." Obama: Magical merman. We like it. [Aloha Rag Blog]For more stories from Racked, go to

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