Few Strip Down At Westway

Highly anticipated "ironic-hipster strip club" Westway opened its doors to friends, family and employees of Rag & Bone for the label's Fashion Week after party on Friday, but most of the crowd kepts its spiffy clothes on.

Style.com wrote that "the music was pumping, though the stripper poles center stage were bare save for a few bold partying souls." WWD was also struck by the demur and early-to-bed (or -to-other-party) crowd, noting that "after 45 minutes or so attention spans started to drift towards coat check" despite two topless models sashaying down the catwalk.

Early speculation had Westway embracing debauchery with very dirty go-go dancing and live shows that would make The Box in its prime look like a nunnery. (Westway has good bones for this sort of thing, since it's located in a former un-ironic jiggle joint.) Maybe co-owners Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte, who run The Smile and prime nights at Jane Ballroom, want to temper those expectations. New York magazined called the pair "too tasteful and image-conscious to cop to flesh peddling, even of the winking variety." Then again, Quirarte friskily pointed out that "The surfaces are all wipeable."

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