FerguStock 2008: Momofuku Edition

East Village: To conclude FerguStock 2008, British chef Fergus Henderson made an epic appearance at Momofuku Noodle Bar last night (menu here). And the people came in droves to see him. So many people were queued up outside when the restaurant opened at 5 p.m. that they sat everyone at once and quoted an hour plus wait time to those that just missed the cut.

From 6:30 - 8:30, the line of expectant diners crowding in the entryway and hovering around outside remained consistently 50 deep. At around 7 p.m., the waiters reported they were running low on fried lambs' brains; by 7:30 Chang told us he'd be surprised if they didn't run out of Fergus' menu by midnight—not for a lack of planning but because their kitchen just couldn't hold all that food. (According to this commenter, they may have actually run out by 11 p.m.) For those who did withstand the wait and got in before the offal became scarce, it was quite the feast (though honestly, the best move was to supplant the Fergus menu with some pork buns or a hanger steak). And we haven't seen that kind of a frenzy at the Noodle Bar since they moved locations. Well done Chef. Until next year.
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