Opening Report: Tommy on Bleecker

The decor at Tommy is a bit on the kooky side.

But that seems to be the point at the hipper, cheaper, Tommy HIlfiger concept that opened on Bleeker yesterday.

Intertwined bike frames hang overhead. Faux taxidermy (A scarf-swathed bison! A costume jewelry-clad, crouching raccoon!) populate the space. And phrases like "You're hot!", "Say what you mean. Wear what you love", and "What the heck is fleck?" cover the walls. (Regarding that last question, we haven't the faintest clue.)

The merchandise skews toward cotton basics, knits, and jeans, but we would shop festive, sequined sweaters, party dresses, and ballet flats (all priced less than $100) in a heartbeat. The cheeky attitude extended to menswear, too: We looked hard enough at a Fair Isle sweater to discover the words "FAIR ISLE" hidden within the weave.

Another phrase, "Sexy Nerd", pays homage to a recurring taped-up glasses motif, which extends from the store welcome mat to retailed tees.

Our take: None of it added up to truly nerdy. But at the very least, Tommy offers a new venue for youthful, mid-priced, weekend basics.

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