Fatty Crab’s All-You-Can-Eat Crabfest

How much Dungeness crab can you throw down?

Doug Schneider

If, after supping on a portion of that headily-scented chili Dungeness crab dish at Fatty Crab, you’re prone to hallucinations that only a return trip (and more crab) can dispel, know this:

Tonight, both downtown and Upper West Side locations of Zak Pelaccio’s Malaysian-fusion restaurant throw it down with an all-you-can-eat-crabfest.  For $39, you can get up to your elbows in crabby chili goo; they’ll even throw in a free beer to sweeten the deal (Tiger on Hudson Street, Kingfisher on the UWS). Monday December 14 at Fatty Crab, 2170 Broadway (212-496-2722) and 643 Hudson Street (212-352-3590).

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