Fashion's Night Out to NYC: We'll Be Back!

Just when our feet had stopped aching, our wallets were recovering, and our sleep cycles and returned to normal, Vogue and the CFDA announce the fashion-focused evening will indeed return in 2010. And actually, we're pretty excited about it.

The official date for next year's Fashion's Night Out is September 9, 2010 (you can already register for updates on the official website), and the goal is to make the event even bigger than last year, if such a thing is even possible (did we mention our aching feet yet?). As Bloomberg himself said, "Fashion's Night Out was a tremendous success," and it's true that the numbers don't lie: An independent study showed the evening actually boosted retail foot traffic by 50 percent.

As much as the event truly exhausted those of us trying to cover everything (take a peek at our comprehensive gallery of stars and shops for further proof!), Fashion's Night Out no doubt provided a welcome boost to struggling retailers. Though with that in mind, we're tempted to suggest ... Fashion's Night Out: Holiday Edition? We hear retail may need some extra love this season.

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