Fashion Week's Artsiest Shop Opens

There's a sign on the front of the Meatpacking District's newest storefront on Washington Street that reads, "Focus on Detail. It's designer Valentino Vettori's short but mighty mantra for his first brick-and-mortar store, IMPROVD, which opens today.

Vettori walked us through the space -- at presstime, a presentation studio for the spring line. It's the label's third collection since its launch in 2010, and consists of cardboard cutouts on which photographs of models are projected. While the doors open to the public today and the space takes on its identity as a bona fide store, we were told that the presentation feeling will be maintained.

Explained Vettori, "I wanted it to be like, when you come inside, you ask: 'What is this? Is this an installation? Is this art? And then you start walking in, and you start discovering the collection, and it really starts to become a store. I mean, the Whitney is opening across the street...Excuse me, I want to be a part of that!"

It's with this art spirit that IMPROVD plans to bring to two additional NYC stores (tentatively slated for Crosby Street and "somewhere uptown") as well as locations in Miami and Los Angeles before the end of the year.

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